Facts and Things
Did you know ?
(* Could be BS)

Marina del Rey is the largest man-made marina in the world.(I was told " a lot of the BIG boulders came from Catalina Island ")

* The number of Bigfoot sightings in MDR........." 0 "  (as far as I know. Haven't checked with the local police).

The number of boats in the marina.......... " A lot " (Trying to find out how many. Do you know?)

The location of the flagpole on the breakwater is   N 33-58.800  W 118-26.640....(approx.)

* The average fisherman drinks a 6-pack of beer for every fish caught.(That doesn't mean if you drink lots of beer you will catch lots of fish, it don't work that way)

* Most boats break down once you have gotten some place far away, and you want to go home. ( I am not sure this is a true fact, but that's when it happens to me.)Everything works GREAT in my slip.

A good many sailors that spend a lot of time on the water can't swim or just won't.

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